Coastal Karate Club

Coastal Karate Club provides personalised classes focused entirely on YOU & YOUR GROWTH. Book in for a free trial to experience how our club helps you thrive and become the best version of you!

What is Coastal Karate Club all about?

Our main goal for our students is very simple: Help create the best version of you. We achieve this by tailoring our classes based on your needs and your goals, because this is how to truly earn and accelerate your growth. Our club prides itself on the effective and rewarding learning experiences we help bring to everyone. 

We create a supportive and engaging environment that ensure that you are never going to be seen as just another member of the club. A togetherness in our dojo is built around the respect for each other's individual growth as we all know and understand your journey to Black Belt is valuable and so worth it.

Coastal Karate Club
Chito-Ryu Karate-Do

Why Choose Karate?

Karate is such a valuable and rewarding activity that will produce benefits for anyone. It transforms countless physical skills (e.g. Coordination, Balance, Fitness) and boosts your mental state tremendously. But here at Coastal Karate Club, you're not alone. Our club strives to create supportive & respectful community where everyone can blossom into better versions of themselves on their journey to Black Belt. 

Even still, there's still so many more benefits you can expect to come out of doing Karate:  

Bailey Keefe


Sensei Bailey Keefe 

Training History: Began training in 2010

Belt Rank: 3rd Degree Blackbelt 

Instructor Level: Shidoin

Competitive Achievements: 

After more than 13 years of Karate experience, I am still just as hooked and obsessed as I was when I first started. Having trained under world renowned instructors including Martin Phillips Renshi (5th Dan) & Sandra Phillips Renshi (5th Dan) Karate truly has been a blessing in my life and improved me so much, both physically and especially mentally. Having started my Karate journey as a very shy and unconfident boy, I know firsthand how powerful the benefits of Karate can be, and that is why I want to share Karate with others so they can experience these changes for themselves.